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If you like dirtbikes and you live in the Fort St. John, Taylor area... you're in the right spot!

We're extremely lucky to be within a 15 minute drive of 2 motocross tracks, 3 hours away from an extra 4 more tracks, close to sand dunes and surrounded by an abundance of trails!


Facebook groups to join:


Facebook groups to join:


Women's motocross is growing rapidly in the Peace. If you're new to riding and want to meet other likeminded ladies, be sure to hit up one of our Ladies Ride Nights!!

If you have any questions about any of the local tracks or trails, be sure to reach out to us or the FSJ Motocross Page!

The Peace Motocross Association is our local racing circuit that covers many track in Northern Alberta and BC (Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Dawson Creek, Peace River, Taylor, FSJ, Chetwynd and Prince George)


Here's everything you need to know/bring:



(at least $100, to cover admission fees, race fee's, membership fee's, transponder fees etc.)

ID & Credit card

(If you will be renting a transponder, you may need to provide something for them to hold to ensure you don't take the rental transponder home)

Approved Motocross Gear

(Safety first!, you must have full moto gear. Helmet, knee pads, motocross pants and jersey, chest protector, gloves, boots and goggles. Tear-Offs are also a good idea if its a mud race. If you're in need of any, contact us! We keep them in stock!!)


Warm Riding Clothes

Morning practice can be chilly! Be sure to dress in layers. ,We also stock warm riding gloves that have been tried and tested!

Tools & Spare Parts

Its good to bring the tools, chances are, they'll be used. Spare parts are always a good idea too (extra spark plug, extra clean air filter etc.)

What's a Race Day Look Like?

You'll need to make sure you're registered for the race (you can usually register the day before, or the morning of). Registration is where you will pick your classes to race, rent a transponder (which are limited), and pay your race fees.

Show up early on race day (get your bike ready, make sure your transponder is on your bike and have your gear ready) and be sure to arrive at Rider's Meeting on time. (Rider's Meeting is where you learn about the rules of the race, the flags, any important information the club has to share and when practice will start and what order it will go in)

Normally in the PMA you will only get a couple laps to practice. Make sure you're waiting near the start gate as it can be a little tricky to tell what practice is up and you don't want to miss your few laps you get. 

After practice is over, you wait until it's your time to race! 

Be sure to show up to the starting line a race early so you can grab a pin (that gives you the order of gate selection) and get yourself ready. 

And that's about it!! If you have any questions about racing, either send us a message or ask one of the helpful PMA volunteers!

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